Adrien Brody’s post-Oscar career has been marked by, oh, let’s call it variety, and his upcoming film High School adds “teen stoner comedy” to his resume. Behold him in all his weirdo glory.

Brody plays, yes, a drug dealer who becomes part of a high school valedictorian’s cockamamie quest to get the entire graduating class high in order to beat a mandatory drug test. I cannot imagine what could possibly go wrong!

I sound down on this, but I’m really not — a good teen comedy can be a beautiful thing, and this has most of the required ingredients: an outrageous quest, a looming deadline, the last-minute reversal of proscribed roles, etc. Bring it, High School!

Are you as predisposed to liking teen comedies as I am, PopWatchers, or have you been burned too many times?