Adam Lambert, speaking on CBS’ Early Show this morning, admitted that his American Music Awards performance “got the most of me.”

Lambert said his onstage moves “came from an improvising place… they were not rehearsed.”

“I got carried away,” he said. “It was not what I intended.” Of the controversy that ensued, he said, with an impish smile, “I have a tendency to divide people.”

Lambert even has a tendency to divide TV networks. He was booked to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America to explain his sexually provocative performance, but GMA disinvited him, releasing this statement to EW: “Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

That was strange in itself. Did GMA really think Lambert isn’t canny enough to dial it back for a morning-show interview? A ratings miscalculation, methinks. Anyway, CBS and The Early Show got Adam-as-pussycat, not Adam-as-rebel.

Pressed by cohost Maggie Rodriguez as to whether he felt “some responsibility” for the children viewing him in prime time, Lambert was admirably direct: “I’m not a babysitter.”

Granted, there was a certain coyness to Lambert’s Early Show answers. Asked why he didn’t think about children who might have been watching his outrageous performance, he said, “Children — it didn’t enter my mind. Sometimes I forget there’s a camera on. I come from the theater; I look at the audience in front of me, which was filled with adults.”

Really, Adam? Oh, you shrewd little devil: For a guy who seemed to possess an almost supernatural sense of which camera was trained on him during his American Idol performances, this was rather hard to believe.

Asked if he’d do anything differently, Lambert said, “I’d sing a little bit better… it wasn’t my best vocal performance.”

My colleague Michael Slezak, who said much the same thing about Lambert’s AMA vocalizing, will offer his expert opinion on Lambert’s musical performance on The Early Show later this morning, so check back here.

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