Do you approach the so-called “holiday” season with a wary eye and a crate of Pepto Bismol? Then you’ll probably enjoy the History Channel’s Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black, which debuted yesterday and is being shown again this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Why? Because Surviving… finds the Daily Show comedian and a host of other gagmeisters (including Craig Ferguson and Bob Saget) ripping apart the festive spirit with the enthusiasm of a fat kid tearing into a Thanksgiving turkey that’s been stuffed with chocolate (which has itself been stuffed with more turkey).

Yes, much like the holidays themselves, this two-hour show is twice as long as any sane person would wish and the sight of the famously Scrooge-ish (and Jewish!) Black dressed as Santa Claus is only half as amusing as the show’s makers seem think. But Surviving the Holidays is packed with chucklesome bon mots including Ferguson’s assertion that, “My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is sweet potatoes, because it sounds like a dancer I once knew,” and comedian Joe Mande’s suggestion that the traditional Thanksgiving Day football match should feature, “the Patriots defeating the Redskins and then taking their stadium.” However, my favorite moment came when brainiac humorist Sarah Vowell shamefacedly admitted that the only reason she had heard of “Chrismukkah” was because she used to watch The O.C.

Did you see Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black? Or do you intend to do so at some point this week between tryptophan-induced food comas? Let us know!