Chances are you enjoyed Waldo Hunt’s work when you were a child. After all, Hunt — an entrepreneur who revived the art of the pop-up book in the 1960s — was the man who brought us the awe-inspiring 3-D imagery in such famous books as David Pelham’s The Human Body and Jan Pienkowski’s Haunted House (pictured at left). Sadly, the we will see no more new work from Hunt: On Nov. 6, the pop-up king died of congestive heart failure in Porterville, Calif., at age 88, the L.A. Times reported. But his legacy continues to live on. Along with creating the art in the pop-up books listed above, Hunt produced 1,000 3-D books under his company, Intervisual Books, which counted Disney as a client. He also built up an impressive 4,000-title collection of antique and contemporary pop-up and movable books.