Oh, Nicolas Cage, the Internet sure does love you. This morning brought us the crazycakes trailer for Season of the Witch, which…is like Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood from back in the day, plus evil stuff and Ron Perlman:

How do you not use the Donovan song? How?!

But that’s the least of our Nic Cage Internet Treats.

What of these wonderful vinyl stickies? The “Nicolas Cage Adventure Set” by artist Brandon Bird, of Law and Order valentine fame.

Plus there’s my new favorite blog, Nic Cage As Everyone, which Photoshops Nicolas Cage’s face onto other people’s faces. It’s a lot sillier and more fun that it sounds.

And I couldn’t wrap this up without mentioning the classic:

…plus the Cracked Nicolas Cage movie generator.

What Cage Web gems did I miss, PopWatchers?