Now that Casey has finally hooked her wagon to Cappie on Greek, it’s time for her to — you guessed it — meet the parents!

Caroline in the City herself, Lea Thompson, has been cast as Cappie’s free-spirited mother, April, while Jim Abele (24) will play his non-conformist father, Tobias.

“Meeting his parents will have a big impact on Casey,” says a Greek insider, adding that the modern-day hippies will appear during the second half of the show’s upcoming 10-episode cycle (debuting Jan. 25).

Do you pledge to support Greek‘s decision to hire Thompson and Abele as Cappie’s parents? Rush to the comments section with your answer! (See what I did there with “pledge” and “rush”?)

Photo Credit: Jamie Trueblood/ABC; Thompson: Sara De Boer/Retna