No matter how much you love Beastie Boy Adam Yauch you’re going to love him even more now. His ultra-cool film distribution company, Oscilloscope, is starting a new DVD club. In very indie fashion, you have to sign up without knowing exactly which DVDs you’re getting — all that’s revealed is that you get 10 DVDs for $150. And you get them a week before the public. But O-scope’s slate is full of great stuff: Oscar shortlisted documentary Burma VJ, Tribeca Film Festival hit The Exploding Girl, Woody Harrelson-starring The Messenger, and a completely unstuffy environmental doc called No Impact Man. And it’s pretty cool that it’s called Circle Of Trust – the company geekily says you “can enter the sacred realm and fulfill your true destiny.” Sounds similar to Film Movement’s DVD of the month club, but I think O-scope’s release slate lines up better with my personal tastes (Dear Zachary, one of their releases, was one of my favorite films of 2008). Santa, are you listening?

Who else is ready to join Yauch’s circle?

Photo: Burma VJ