Chris Weitz wants to get as far away from fantasy as possible. So for his next project, the New Moon director is turning his attention to The Gardener, a drama about a Mexican yardworker. “There’s no special effects. It’s just people talking to each other,” Weitz tells EW. The script comes from Eric Eason (Manito) and centers on a single father who has a chance to strike out on his own by buying his boss’ truck. Weitz hasn’t begun casting yet, but plans to reunite with New Moon cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe and its studio Summit Entertainment. “I still feel like I haven’t shown everything I can do,” says Weitz, who hopes to begin filming in Los Angeles as early as March or April 2010. “The one that will let me rest is still out there. I think it might be The Gardener.”

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