By Annie Barrett
Updated November 23, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Tonight, Mya, Kelly Osbourne, and Donny Osmond danced a final standard or Latin, barely kept up during a daunting “Megamix Challenge,” and attempted to wow us with the dreaded/revered freestyle round. Check back here in the morning to read my recap of the performance finale — UPDATE: My full recap is now liiiiive! — and in the meantime, read through our photo gallery of The Final 3’s Best/Worst Dances over the season. I picked two “lights” and two “shades” for each Star, most of which were highlighted by the contestants themselves during their retrospectives. Do you think any of the dances tonight overruled their previous personal Bests? I’m thinking Donny and Kym’s freestyle did, for sure. “Oh!” grunted Mr. Vegas to close out the show. He cannot help himself. EVERY SINGLE TIME! (Except when he’s sad.)

Did Dmitry lowball Mya with that Hairspray routine? Did anyone else get a Jock Jams vibe from the “Megamix Challenge”? Talk amongst yourselves while I apply another coat of spray tan to my laptop and dry my tears re: not getting to see the DANCMSTR vanity plate. Come on.