Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze
Credit: Everett Collection

TV Guide Network will air a 12-hour Dirty Dancing marathon starting at noon ET on Christmas Day. Thoughts:

• The movie takes place in summer. But okay.

• Are we talking about a one-time tribute to the late Patrick Swayze or an annual event? (A rep for TV Guide Networks tells us, “Currently, the 12-hour Dirty Dancing marathon is planned as a special one-time event for Christmas day; however, depending on the response we may very well keep this as an annual tradition.”)

• I’ve got to call my mother. She took my sister and I to see the film six times in the theater, paid nearly $100 to own the movie when it was first released on VHS, and, literally, just yesterday, simulated Swayze’s dance moves to “Love Man” when the song came on my iPod while she was driving. This is why this marathon is as good an idea as any.

• There will be some teen girl who’s emotionally scarred when her father walks into the room during the love scene and says to her her sister, and her mother, “Is this what you people watch?” Did anyone else’s father have an uncanny ability of entering at the worst possible moment during movies when you were growing up? You may have blocked it out, but think…

Photo credit: Everett Collection