I watched the American Music Awards a few hours too late to participate in our live blog of the event on’s Music Mix. Without being fully aware of my actions (I was on my laptop too, of course), I ended up rewinding Alicia Keys’ and Jay-Z‘s excellent performance of “Empire State of Mind” like seven times and am now a little obsessed with both of them. The only moments that break up the viewing experience are the constant cuts to celebs in the audience, half of whom didn’t notice the camera and were just rocking out (Sofia Vergara, Leona Lewis, um…Perez Hilton), and half of whom self-consciously attempted to tone down their exuberance (Colbie Caillat, Mary J. Blige) — but didn’t really, because everyone was having a blast! Well, except for a chilled-out Billie Joe Armstrong and a motionless Lady Gaga, but who’s to say she wasn’t having a blast inside her head? Big lights do inspire her.

I’m also way more into Kelly Clarkson than I was a day ago. This happens every time I see her perform live. Is anyone else suddenly obsessed with an artist or song after watching the AMAs, or am I just way too easily thrilled? Which was your favorite performance?

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