Yes, this poster is in a different language. But that’s not the only reason it’s so confusing. If you, like me, live in New York City, and have walked at least a block, chances are you’ve seen this poster for Old Dogs — in English, of course — which opens Nov. 25. (For whatever reason, the American poster hasn’t made its way onto the Web yet.)

But what does it all mean?! The film is about two friends (John Travolta and Robin Williams) who suddenly find themselves taking care of a set of young twins. Yet, if I were to try to determine the plot from this poster, I would be completely lost, as the photo seems to have no connection whatsoever to the log line (where are the twins?), or the words “Old” and “Dogs.” And really? We’re still laughing at a hugging, affectionate gorilla? And what is Seth Green’s role in any of this? He’s not an “old” dog, right? And why is Travolta shrugging in that clichéd way? (Seriously, that shrug is just as tired as a group of CBS sitcom cast members dancing in an ad.)

I have seen the trailer and TV spots where Travolta and Williams get trapped in a penguin exhibit at the zoo and Green gets cradled by a gorilla, so I guess this poster attempts to drum up an appetite for the movie’s guys-tussle-with-animals humor. Still, if they want to start hanging new posters around my ‘hood, they should probably stick with the gorilla-less original, ‘cuz this lame poster and its hackneyed attempts to tickle my funny bone make me bananas, and not in the good way.

Has this poster or any of the trailers made you want to see this film? What’s the worst movie poster you’ve ever seen? And do you plan on seeing Old Dogs next weekend?

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