Jimmy Kimmel Live hosted a scream-filled appearance by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner last night that proved to be lots of fun even if you’re not a Twilight loyalist. (I refuse to use the term “Twihard” after Jimmy said last night that that was the “worst group name–it’s right up there with ‘Claymates.'”)

As the audience yipped and yelped, Kimmel noted Launter’s pumped-up physique in the movie — he asked the actor if he’d been hit by “gamma rays.” (Kimmel referred to the movie as Vampire Chippendales.) Lautner said the most difficult aspect of his training regime was “putting something in my mouth every two hours.” Tee-hee! Screams! He hastily added that he meant “beef patties,” which really didn’t help the accidental-naughty-factor very much…

Kimmel and his guests, brave souls, allowed the studio audience to ask questions. When one fan, Troy, asked Stewart whether she’d had a swine-flu shot, she said that in fact, she’d just had one the day before, and added, “I’m genuinely freaked out by you right now” for asking such a perfectly-timed question:

Kimmel asked Lautner whether, when he and Taylor Swift are “making out, does Kanye West ever come in and interrupt?”

Jimmy can be forgiven an easy Kanye joke after conducting such an amusing interview.

Did you watch?