Laura Morett came to Survivor: Samoa to kick, scratch, and claw her way to a million dollars, but, unfortunately for her, she picked two fights with the two wrong people: Russell and Shambo. And it came back to bite her. Now, the 39-year-old fitness instructor joins Survivor: Tocantins runner-up Stephen Fishbach and me on the latest episode of Survivor Talk to discuss her ultimate undoing in the game. Should she have been nicer to Shambo? Did she underestimate Russell? (Well, clearly.) And how does she feel about alliance member John wimping out selling her out on the tiebreaker re-vote to avoid possibly going home himself? Answers to these questions and more await in the video below as we talk to yet another person responsible for the most epic tribal collapse in Survivor history! And remember to get all the Survivor scoop and pop culture ramblings delivered right to you by following me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Worth playing for? Survivor Talk video watchers ready…GO!