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We’ve got a treat for all you RuPaul’s Drag Race fans out there—a glimpse at the season 2 cast! The show is set to debut in February, and Logo just dropped this exclusive video into EW’s very happy, drag-loving little lap. Take a look:

Like Ru says: “You betta watch!” As you can tell, it certainly seems like the show hasn’t lost any of the copious amounts of verve and panache it served up so heavily in the inaugural season earlier this year. (And, here’s a dream within a dream: You can still watch all the episodes from last season online.) In fact, based on the video, I might just love this coming season even more than the last–mostly because of that glorious pink hair that Ru is wearing when she tells her finalists to “Lip sync for your life!” But also because of one particular contestant we see in the above video. That’d be Mystique, the rather curvy and full-figured queen you amazingly saw do the splits. I can tell you already that I’m already gunning for that gurl. Lastly, I’m loving that it looks like Ru slaps someone! That’s right, queens, Ru don’t take no lip! But, the video isn’t the only scoop we’ve got on the new season—after the jump, we serve up some more details from Ru herself…

First off, let’s talk guest judges: So far, three of the guest judges we know about are Kathy Griffin (see our First Look with her in this week’s issue of the magazine, which is on stands now), Cloris Leachman, and Debbie Reynolds. Hello, jackpot! “All of the judges,” says RuPaul, “have this sense of show business and this sense of who they are that allows them to really judge what drag is about because they clearly see themselves as drag queens, too.”

As for the structure of Drag Race itself, it’ll largely remain the same—except for one slight change. “It will have a fresh look to it,” Ru reveals with a good-natured laugh. “There won’t be as much Vaseline on the lens!” (That may or may not be a reference to the story I wrote last year where I said the show looked like it was shot with “an iPhone camera smeared with Vaseline.”)

Most of all, though, Ru assures that the contestants are more fired up than ever: “The biggest change in this season is the contestants are actually a bit more—how can I put this?—they’re more tenacious. In the first season, they were a bit more diplomatic because they knew they were representing drag for the first time in a decade. This time around, though, the kids have seen the first show, they know what the prize is, and they know what’s at stake, so they have taken the gloves off.” Well, thank goodness for that! Speaking of those glove-less contestants, here’s the full listing of the season 2 contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Jujubee, Boston, Mass.

Morgan McMichaels, Mira Loma, CA

Mystique Summers Madison, Bedford, TX

Nicole Paige Brooks, Atlanta, GA

Pandora Boxx, Rochester, NY

Tyra Sanchez, Orlando, FL

Raven, Riverside, CA

Sahara Davenport, New York, NY

Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Studio City, CA

Sonique, Atlanta, Ga.

Tatianna, Falls Church, VA

Drag names are always a treat, and the ones I’m loving so far are: Tyra Sanchez, Pandora Boxx, and Jujubee. And, of course, Shangela Laquifa! (Um, hi! Can’t wait to meet her!) So, y’all, before season 2 premieres in February, catch up on season 1! Full episodes from the inaugural season of RuPaul’s Drag Race are on Logo’s website.

And tell me: Can you stand how excited you are for the coming season?!?

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