By Missy Schwartz
Updated November 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Holy smokes is Althea tall. She’s 5’11” to be exact, but when she came to the EW offices this morning, she looked more like 7’11” thanks to the fierce-ass stilettos she was sporting. Of course, I’m barely 5’6″ in my highest heels, so even Tom Cruise looks like a skyscraper to me. Anyway, what was I saying? (Sorry, brain still fried from staying up late writing my TV Watch and getting up early. Tough life, Schwartz.) Ah yes, Althea. She was a great sport during her Project Runway Talk segment. We covered Sweatergate, Smokey Eye-gate and Zippergate. (She’s pretty embarrassed about the last one.) All the while, her new NYC roommate Carol Hannah watched in the wings. Maybe she was texting Logan? (“Hey, Althea’s talking about you again!”) I kid.

Enjoy! Plus, don’t forget to watch Carol Hannah’s interview, and, of course, our grilling of Irina.

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