The campy detective franchise is returning to television

Charlie is calling…and he wants his Angels back in action. ABC is closing in on a deal to produce a pilot for a remake of Charlie’s Angels — the famed detective series that ran on the network from 1976 to 1981. That means the trio of butt-kicking beauties could be back on TV as early as next season. ”Instead of doing another movie, we wanted it to go back to television,” says producer Nancy Juvonen, who worked on the frothy 2000 and 2003 films with Angels star Drew Barrymore. (Don’t expect the actress, who is producing the series, to star. They are looking to cast unknowns.) ”There was a tone to the movies that played three feet off the ground,” adds Juvonen, ”and this will be feet on the ground. But they’re going to be gorgeous feet and fun shoes.”

Two previous Angels pilots failed (including one by Lost exec producer Carlton Cuse), as have pretty much all the ’70s and ’80s revivals that have actually made it to air recently. (Think Knight Rider and Bionic Woman.) But Leonard Goldberg — who produced the original series and the movies — is not deterred. The plan is to ”pay homage to the past but create something new,” he says. ”This’ll be smarter, more realistic, and a little edgier.” Okay, sounds good. But can you tell us more about the shoes?