Haven’t we heard for years that movie popcorn is bad for you? Well if anyone living under a rock didn’t know that, then the Center for Science in the Public Interest released new research yesterday revealing that there’s too much saturated fat in most movie-theater popcorn.

Enough already! Part of the allure of the theater experience is that you’re not in your boring living room eating steamed broccoli. In the same way that I sometimes love to watch a bad-for-me rom-com, I still want artery-clogging popcorn on occasion. And a jumbo box of Raisinets (maybe that can pass as a fruit?).

I’m happy that apple slices are now available at McDonald’s instead of fries (if you’re having a be-good moment), so I fully support healthier options in a cinema for people who want them. But just let popcorn lovers suspend reality to enjoy our favorite movie snack without telling us how many pats of butter it represents.

Anyone else agree that we already know movie popcorn is unhealthy but we love it anyway?