Daniel Radcliffe and the race for the Best Picture Oscar were in the news this week

With 10 nominations at stake, everyone — seriously, we mean everyone — is fighting for an Oscar nod this year
We’ll have to wait until March 7 to find out how this year’s megasize Best Picture race will affect the Oscar telecast. But it’s already clear how it’s changing the campaign process. With 10 slots in the category instead of five, more filmmakers now believe they’ve got a shot. And they’re demanding that something be done about it. ”Anyone with a horse in the race has been convinced by their agents and managers that the studio should do a campaign, even if they don’t believe it in their hearts,” says one veteran Oscar consultant. ”But this is an economic climate that no longer coddles vanity campaigns. The fact is, there is no money.”

So in lieu of expensive ”For Your Consideration” advertisements in the Hollywood trades, studios are going with screenings and Q&A sessions for their award hopefuls. In another year, the buoyant indie (500) Days of Summer, starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, would have been a screenplay contender only, but now it’s shooting for Best Picture, too — which explains why its studio, Fox Searchlight, hosted members of various guilds at an NYC event on Nov. 15. Meanwhile, The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been making the rounds on both coasts. An Oscar is, after all, still an Oscar, no matter how the economy’s doing. Just ask two-time Best Actor winner Tom Hanks. ”Marketing teams, experts, publicists are all going to foam at the mouth in order to try to get it,” Hanks tells EW. ”Alas, that will not change.”
Dave Karger, with additional reporting by Adam B. Vary

Daniel Radcliffe to guest on The Simpsons
Alert The Daily Prophet: Daniel Radcliffe is loaning his voice to a Simpsons episode, exec producer Al Jean tells EW. In a Twilight spoof for next fall’s ”Treehouse of Horror XXI,” the Harry Potter star plays Edmund, a kid vampire who attracts the attention of Lisa. Sadly, Edmund’s father (a.k.a. Dracula) and Homer try to break up the budding romance. ”Daniel was very excited,” says Jean, ”and we kept trying to ask him for secrets from the upcoming Harry Potter movie until we realized that they were all in the books.”
Dan Snierson

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