Heather Locklear's return to TV -- How the bombshell put the spice back into ''Melrose Place''

Heather Locklear made her heroic return to save Melrose Place…from the boredom of sexless, toothless drama at least.

Heather Locklear’s Amanda Woodward returned to Melrose Place on Nov. 17 to show the kids how melodrama is really done. Her first day back proved that she still puts the bomb in bombshell. Not only did she pack an endless supply of zingers for her trip back to L.A., she also fired PR-agency boss Caleb (Victor Webster) in her very first scene: ”When I hired you to give this place a makeover, I didn’t mean smear it with lipstick and turn it into a five-dollar hooker,” snarked acid-tongued Amanda. Locklear’s mere presence somehow inspired everyone to heat up the nighttime-soapiness, whether they were making out (Ella and that hot British chick), making out (David and Lauren), getting closer to solving Sydney’s murder (David and Auggie), or making out (Auggie and Violet). ”I want to be you,” Katie Cassidy’s Ella told Amanda. Is one show big enough for two blond überbitches? It is now.