Friday Night Lights

It looks like Tim Riggins will be warming the bench for at least a portion of Friday Night Lights’ fifth season.

Executive producer Jason Katims confirms that Taylor Kitsch will be off filming his lead role in John Carter of Mars, Disney’s big-screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book series, during production of FNL‘s probable final season. As a result, he says Kitsch “will miss part” of the season. “[But] we are communicating with the [John Carter] production to work out the schedule so that Taylor can be in as much of season 5 as possible.”

The news comes as production on FNL‘s fourth season, now airing on DirecTV, begins to wind down. The cast and crew will take a brief hiatus before beginning work on season 5 in March.

Although there’s been no official announcement that Lights will go out after the fifth season, Katims recently told me that “everybody is operating under that assumption.”

Good thing a little Tim Riggins goes a long way, right?

PHOTO CREDIT: Bill Records

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