''Curb Your Enthusiasm,'' Woody Harrelson, and poor January Jones made pop culture news this week

· Curb Your Enthusiasm reveals George got rich off an iToilet phone app. Now that’s the Seinfeld finale we were hoping for.
· Excerpt from Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries: ”I couldn’t help but wonder: Should my scrunchie always match my leg warmers?”
· From Zombieland to 2012 to The Messenger, Woody Harrelson makes every movie better. Where was he when The Box needed him?
· Great actress (see Precious). Total charmer (watch her on Conan). Is there anything Gabby Sidibe can’t do?
· Just when you thought Parks and Recreation couldn’t get any better, Will Arnett and Justin Theroux will guest-star.

· Naveen Andrews guest-stars: Did Lost time-travel to Law & Order: SVU? Brain hurts.
· We love Beyoncé but do not want to put a ring on the lyrics to ”Video Phone.”
· Full House reunion: More like Full Old Folks Home · Hayden Panettiere’s ‘Save the Whales Again’ campaign: you should be more worried about saving Heroes.

· January Jones, you’re so pretty, but you proved on Saturday Night Live that God doesn’t give with both hands.
· Sting and Simon Cowell engage in most boring feud…zzzzzzzz…ever.
· Archaeologists discover Crazytown! It’s located on the set of Adam Lambert’s new video.
· Cameron deserved a better send-off from House.
· Selena Gomez murders ”I Want It That Way” at a recent concert; lands on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.
· Levi Johnston won’t go full-frontal in Playgirl. Well, at least this way we won’t be disappointed by the size of his…desperation.
· Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: We’ve seen more life at Madame Tussauds.