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Why Mother split up Barney and Robin
How I Met Your Mother‘s decision to bring the Barney — Robin love story to a premature climax has left fans feeling decidedly unsatisfied. But executive producer Carter Bays insists the romance was sacrificed for a greater good: the preservation of Neil Patrick Harris’ legendary ladies’ man. ”None of us wanted to see Barney wearing a sweater-vest and going to bed-and-breakfasts,” says Bays, adding that it makes sense the relationship would ”flame out fast” given that ”neither of them, at their core, really wanted to be tied down.” Bays also believes that, deep down, viewers prefer Barney to remain single. ”It’s one of those things where you can give people what they think they want, or what they really want.” And should some of them feel that they really want him to settle down with Robin (Cobie Smulders), Bays offers this bit of hope. ”[They] could get relationship amnesia and decide, ‘Hey, this is a good idea!”’ he proposes. ”This could be the first of many flameouts for them.”

In the House
Orlando Jones will play Foreman’s (Omar Epps) incarcerated brother, Marcus, in an early 2010 episode of House. The siblings reconnect on the eve of Marcus’ parole hearing. Look for the story to take a surprising turn as a result of House’s meddling.


Gilmore boss eyes reunion pic
It’s been three years since Lorelai and Rory had their last mother-daughter chat, yet Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is still flirting with the idea of a reunion movie. ”I’m in touch with [Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, above], and if there’s a story to tell, then absolutely I think we’re all going to want to tell it,” she maintains. ”That’s the bottom line.” In the meantime, Sherman-Palladino is taking her well-honed dysfunctional-family act over to HBO via a New York-based dramedy about a family of female writers. ”It’s sophisticated and it’s [about] women, which is always kind of hard to do on the regular networks if [the female characters] don’t have a gun or an android part in their vagina,” sasses the ever-eccentric auteur. (Perhaps she’s still harboring some bitterness over the quick death of her last female-bonding project, the Fox sitcom The Return of Jezebel James.) ”It [deals with] complex family issues, and [HBO] just seemed like a good place to go.” Hear that? That’s the sound of Fox fast-tracking Android Vagina for next fall.

Supernatural turns 100!
Time flies when you’re battling demons and preventing the apocalypse. Case in point: Supernatural will celebrate its milestone 100th episode this spring with an hour that focuses largely on Dean (Jensen Ackles). ”We’re aiming for it to be a big mythology episode,” reveals Supernatural boss Eric Kripke, who adds that ”the archangel Michael plays a very large part as we explore his relationship with Dean.” And it’s all capped off with a cake-cutting ceremony hosted by Lucifer!

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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