Rehearsals for this weekend’s American Music Awards are underway in Los Angeles, and the Music Mix is on the scene to bring you as much of the action as we’re allowed to see. Sadly, so far, that hasn’t been much, as yesterday’s rehearsals — Adam Lambert and Jennifer Lopez, who coincidentally leaked a song called “Louboutins” today — were closed to media.

The LA Times’s Margaret Wappler was luckier than we: she managed to sneak a guerilla peek at Lambert’s rehearsal (before being booted), and reported back that “dancers sashayed across the floor in spangly harem pants, leotards with torn tights and in one particular eye-catching costume, leather pants topped off with a few leather suspender-straps and silvery chains on an otherwise bare-chested male dancer.” We can certainly report that the bass beat of “For Your Entertainment” pounding through the closed doors of the Nokia was hella catchy, and that yes, Lambert’s high notes do carry.

We ran the first part of our post-rehearsal Q&A with the Glambert yesterday, in which he spoke openly about his feelings on the OUT magazine kerfuffle. After the jump, the rest of our short but sweet conversation: How his club kid friends have reacted to For Your Entertainment, how his “rock” voice fits in with Chad Kroeger’s “rock” voice, and which part of his AMA performance he’s dedicated to our readers. You know you wanna know.

Entertainment Weekly: So as we’re sitting here, they’re running clips of Nickelback on the jumbotrons. You call the music you sing “rock.” How does it fit in the same genre as Chad Kroeger’s sound?

Adam Lambert: Genres are old news. Genres are a thing of the past. I don’t believe in genres. That doesn’t make any sense. An artist is an artist, you can borrow from lots of different styles of music. I am singing like a rock singer at the end of my pop song. Yeah. So what?

We’ve now heard For Your Entertainment streaming on MySpace, and I’m sure the fans are going nuts. But I’m wondering what your underground club kid friends think about it.

They’re really into the Gaga song [“Fever”], because it’s just crazy and campy. I went to an art show the other night and saw a lot of the colorful club kids I knew when I used to go out, like this kid who’s a drag queen, and the Gaga song — they’re all about it. “If I Had You” — they’re really feeling that one. A lot of the kids who do the vaudeville circus performing love “Strut,” because it has that oom-pah-pah feel.

“Aftermath” is the one song that doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the album.

Sonically, it is a step out of the box — but what’s funny is, I wrote that one. It was important for me to do a song with a message that was really close to my heart, but then sonically create something that was even more accessible than the rest of the album. I feel like it’s very friendly. And I wanted to do a song that had that real modern rock sound.

If you could dedicate one part of your AMA performance to the readers of, which part would it be?

The pyro. The fireworks. [laughs]

Is that part of your commitment to glam?

Yes. Things that light up and blow up are essential to the gods of glam — the glam gods that have come before me.

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