30 Rock

Last night’s 30 Rock reminded us of the importance of family, clued us in that the property of urine that makes flowers grow, and taught us all some valuable lessons about rules in Italy. Here are the 10 best lines from “Sun Tea.”

“Holding up one finger to get someone stop talking? He invented that.” — Jack, who puts it to perfect use

“He’s agreed to let a Yale sweatshirt be our designated fart dampener.” — Twofer, who doesn’t mind Frank’s Howard Hughes hobby

“I, Bertram Geiss, am still daddy’s fancy boy.” — Bertram Geiss, who is no match for a Teddy Ruxpin

“It is menial?” — Kenneth, who uses triple quotes

“If he was a monkey, then why was he killed by a monkey?” — Kenneth, who’s going to be grumpy until the end of this sentence

“The apartment smells like Burger King all day and Cinnabon all night.” — Brian, who thrives on drama

The Cosby Show was a lie!” — Tracy, who still knows that Sandra was the boring one

“I know what that means!” “And yet you won’t tell me.” — Tracy Jr. and Tracy, an even better father-son duo than Don and Bertram

“What about ‘Cheers lied to me’?” — Dr. Spaceman, who knows the doctor code

“Iiiiiiiit!” — Liz, whose drama-queen mode backfired

The running jokes about the New York Post — “pun on ‘disgrace'” — were pretty excellent, too. What’d you think, PopWatchers? Was it like check-in at an Italian airport, or did “Sun Tea” make you want to grab a vase?

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