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Well, here it is at last. The Project Runway season six finale airs tonight and I for one haven’t been this excited since … I last got my teeth cleaned. D’oh! I’m only joking. How can I not after this bizarre season that cruelly deprived us of the Holy Judging Trinity for weeks on end and forced us, time and again, to watch slack-jawed as ever-hideous designs limped down the catwalk? Grrr! But enough with that grumbling. Let’s now get down to speculating how this hootenanny might conclude. Who will win? And to quote Lady Ridonkulous herself (i.e. Tyra Banks), WHO! will be eliminated tonight?

The obvious answer to that first question is, obviously, Irina. Obviously. She’s won more challenges than both Carol Hannah and Althea, and from what we saw last week, her collection seems to be the strongest. Now, some Runway fans have argued that Irina’s villain persona poses too big a public relations obstacle for the show to crown her the winner. But I don’t buy it. For one thing, the Mean-a Irina character may be polarizing and annoying, but it keeps people talking. (Leanne who?) Post-win, she could chomp through her publicity tour on a diet of more controversial statements or she could try to convince us that she’s really just a muffin inside. Either way, she’s a godsend to the press. And let’s not forget that Runway does reward villains. Jeffrey Sebelia won season three and he made someone’s mother cry!

Of course, we also can’t overlook Nina’s warning last week against an all-black collection. Ooooh…! Ominous foreshadowing of Irina’s demise? My guess is it was just a red herring. Christian Siriano won season four with a collection that was heavy on the black, light on the color. But then again…he was Christian Siriano. And however talented Ms. Shabayeva is, she ain’t no Mr. Fierce. In which case…my money’s on Carol Hannah. Sorry, Althea.

Great. I’ve managed to confuse myself with all that back-and-forthing, so I’ll turn it over to you. What do you think? Will Irina crush her competition tonight or will Carol Hannah kick her stomach flu’s ass and walk away with the glistening, gold-plated, imaginary Runway trophy?

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