By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated July 29, 2020 at 05:34 PM EDT

Grey’s Anatomy fans — particularly those who love the relationship between Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) as much as I do — got a little queasy last week with the arrival of Kim Raver’s Dr. Teddy Altman. While, of course, we watch the show for the drama, it’s hard not to feel protective of a couple that’s overcome so much — his post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in combat, her general prickliness. So it’s hard to take kindly to a pretty, talented doctor type who shows up out of nowhere, then becomes Cristina’s mentor only to also confess her festering-since-their-military-days feelings for Owen. If it’s any consolation, McKidd feels our pain: “Sandra and I, when this [storyline] was pitched to us, we became very angst-ridden about it,” he says. “We love working together, and I think that adds to the dynamic on screen.” The triangulation continues to unfold on tonight’s episode — here’s what McKidd had to say about what Cristina-Owen fans can expect from the hour and in the near future:

Teddy really could be the “cardio god” Cristina’s been desperately seeking. “The fun of this whole situation is that Teddy really is a fantastic cardiothoracic surgeon. If she hadn’t joined the Army, she would’ve been one of the cardio gods. So she’s a perfect fit for Cristina. I think that is going to make things way more complicated.”

Get ready for a three-way … emotional connection. “Teddy and Owen have this incredible bond from having served together, and Owen and Cristina are in love. Now Teddy’s starting to see what a great surgeon Cristina is going to be. So it’s a really interesting three-way, intense … I wouldn’t say love affair, but respect for each other.”

No need to fret for Cristina and Owen’s future — just yet. “The story of Owen and Cristina is a very important story. It’s about two people struggling to keep their love alive and their passion alive in the face of this mental illness, post traumatic stress disorder. I think that’s one of the reasons why people are so passionate about it. I don’t think the love that Owen and Cristina have for each other is going to go away.”

Things will heat up tonight. “You really start to see the bond between Cristina and Teddy build. But Teddy told Owen this thing last week [when she confessed her romantic feelings], and that becomes the elephant in the room.”

There won’t likely be any more kissy-face between Cristina and hot new doctor Jackson (Jesse Williams) — at least not if McKidd has anything to say about it. “Owen doesn’t know anything about their kiss. At the moment I’m not hearing that it’s going to come up again. But if Owen did find out about it, I feel like it would be an ugly scene.”

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