It’s Kris Allen week in the American Idol universe, with the season 8 champ currently on a rigorous promotional tour on behalf of his self-titled debut CD that hit stores Tuesday. As part of that “journey,” Kris swung by Hudson Terrace in Manhattan where the Réalité crew set up a cozy-yet-glamorous spot for a verrrry in-depth discussion about the writing and recording process for the album. Press play below for our seven-part* conversation about the significance of the sideways glance in his album cover photo, the psychological perils of recording while touring, the song he was pretty sure sounded like a hit when he finished writing it, and the one aspect of “Live Like We’re Dying” that almost made him regret picking it as his first single. Oh, and for all my Idol updates, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!

* Yeah, we may have also saved a couple bonus questions for Monday’s regularly scheduled edition of Réalité.