Saturday Night Live - Season 42

A few weeks ago, with zero fanfare, Warner Bros. released a DVD version of Gilda Live, the Mike Nichols-directed concert pic of Gilda Radner’s 1979 one-woman show. The disc — a bare-bones straight-from-video transfer — ended up under the piles of new releases on my desk until yesterday, when I found it, popped it in my computer, and smiled for 96 minutes straight. (Check out the clip below of Gilda’s inspired tap dance “audition.”)

I can’t judge Gilda Live in any sort of objective way. It replayed endlessly on Comedy Central when I was younger, and the skits, the songs, the characters — including golden-age SNL faves like Emily Litella, Lisa Loopner, and Roseanne Roseannadanna — are all too ingrained in my childhood memory. The only thing I can say without a doubt is that the movie gives ample space to the talent of one of the all-time great comediennes. And for that alone, it’s worth a watch.

I’m curious to know: Are there any other Gilda Live fans out there?

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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