You heard me: Flying babies. Or “les enfants volants” as they’d say in the country that produced Ricky, a new French-language inspirational drama(?!) that appears to be about a kid born with wings. As far as I can tell, this movie has three things going for it.

1.)It was directed by François Ozon, who made the awesome Swimming Pool.

2.) It has a vaguely disturbing poster that just shows a closeup of the kid giving a sideways glance. (Is he wearing mascara?)

3.) Its trailer — in which Ricky’s parents discover his ability, try to hide him from the government, and then tie a string around him and fly him thereby creating the world’s first LIVE BABY KITE — will actually melt your brain a little. Not a ton, just like 5 seconds on defrost in the microwave. Behold:

(In related baby zen news, “Charlie Bit My Finger” has recently been auto-tuned, with Grammy-worthy results.)