Last night’s episode of Cougar Town was further evidence that — to steal a phrase from Christina Aguilera’s most recent hit — the Courteney Cox-led ensemble comedy “keeps gettin’ better.” The introduction of Rachael Harris as a shrewish rival to Cox’s randy divorcee was a stoke of genius — what better way to raise the emotional stakes and levels of absurdist bitchery than to introduce a truly nasty sparring partner for Jules, Laurie, and Ellie? Here’s hoping Shanna’s not just a one-episode pony. Also: Where in the whatty-what was BARB? Anyhow, without further ado, let’s dish the 10 best zingers from last night’s show:10. “What’s your point, V-neck?”

9. “That’s the whole reason I got a cabana — to avoid guys with barbed-wire tattoos.”

8. “That boy’s parents don’t think he needs a bathing suit, even though he seems to be about 14.” “I hate Europeans.”

7. “Could’ve been a twenty, Trent!”

6. “I’m 34.” “Great! Bitch.”

5. “Farmer’s daughter or Whitesnake video?”

4.”Of course it’s your bed now that it has your tramp stink all over it.”

3. “I wouldn’t wait for her test result to come in. I’d get on antibiotics now.”

2. “Seriously, I fight all the time. She will hold your arms and I will beat you until your Spanx are the only thing holding your torso together”

1. “Take a picture of me eating bacon in a bikini!”

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