Dear Hollywood:

There’s a lot to absorb in the WGA West’s most recent Hollywood Writers Report, and Variety underlines your failure to locate and reward female and minority writing talent. The data is abysmal: Women make up only 28 percent of TV writers (and only 18 percent of movie writers) and minorities are stuck at 6 percent. Indefensible. I say that not out of political correctness, but pure capitalistic pragmatism: I can assure you that women and minorities make up a much larger percentage of today’s television and movie audiences than that. With all the pressures you’re facing these days, wouldn’t it stand to reason that expanding the tent of talent might attract larger, more attractive demographics? The network that successfully does so could win a humanitarian award (yawn), but more importantly, its ratings might actually go up.


Tina Fey’s Boy-toy

(PS: Do I have to mention that female movie writers will actually save you money, considering you pay them, on the average, $40,000 less than their male counterparts?)