After watching a trio of New Moon talk show appearances this morning, we declare Kellan Lutz’s visit to Ellen the winner. He started off by confirming that he had a hard time getting into the after party following the film’s premiere Monday night. “I’m like, ‘I’m in the movie. I know my hair’s blond right now, but…'” Then, presumably to prove his celebrity status, he shared a story about a male fan chatting to him for 10 minutes while he was sitting naked in a spa. The squeals that scenario elicited were, surprisingly, surpassed twice: After Ellen showed Lutz’s cover of Doggie Aficionado can you believe he wasn’t recognized? he explained how he knew his rescue pup, Kola, was his new best friend the moment they met: “She came, and buried her head right between my legs. I was like, Ah, yes! Cut to Ellen’s face, waiting patiently for the audience’s laughter to die down so they could hear her crack, “I’ll take it!” Sharing Lutz’s love of animals, Ellen then pulled out a $5,000 check written to the Humane Society of America and said it was only good if he took off his shirt. He politely declined, and Ellen negotiated: he had to do push-ups. He did them long enough (40 seconds) to make me feel uncomfortable. Nice save, sir.

Some of that spontaneity could have been used in Kristen Stewart’s appearance on Today. Granted, the whirlwind promotional tour has taken its toll on Stewart — Matt Lauer acknowledged that she wasn’t feeling well and you could hear her sniffle — but the hosts gave her nothing to work with. Same questions she’s been asked a million times. On Live with Regis and Kelly, it was at least entertaining to watch Reege behave like he was the first person to ever describe New Moon as a battle between Edward and Jacob for Bella. Leaning in (pictured), he asked, “But mentally, and emotionally, and psychically, who do you think is better for Bella? Is it the werewolf or the vampire?” The audience snickered, but Philbin would not be denied. He pressed until Stewart answered: The vampire. “The vampire does it every time, I’m tellin’ you,” he said. We’ll put him down as Team Jacob?

The New Moon media blitz continues tonight with Stewart chatting up Jimmy Fallon (will she cameo in a Robert is Bothered video?) and Robert Pattinson hanging with David Letterman.

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Photo credit: Lutz: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.; Philbin: ABC

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