By Mandi Bierly
Updated November 18, 2009 at 03:02 PM EST
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The Comedy Central Insider Blog has a video list of Stephen Colbert’s 12 best crackups. Never one to miss an opportunity to embed the classic “Prince Charles Scandal” report from his days as a Daily Show senior correspondent, I ask you if that breakdown is still your favorite. As Colbert told me in 2004, it was, “Such a proud moment of professionalism. You work for years crafting cogent satirical essays and the thing that everybody remembers is me making love to a Chiquita and bursting into laughter. What you can’t see off camera (embedded video, after the jump) is Jon started laughing first. And then I’m weak. As much as I want to make the audience laugh, I really want to make Jon laugh.” (Perhaps that’s why my second favorite Colbert crackup is “Daily Show/Colbert Toss: Universal Healthcare,” which ends with Stewart standing and screaming, “No, you don’t get another chance!” into the camera after Colbert flubbed a second line and wanted to continue the bit.)

Does “Prince Charles Scandal” still top your list? Or, do you giggle harder thinking about Filliam H. Muffman, Vax-Anus, Jane Fonda on Colbert’s lap, or a Snickers bar in zero gravity?

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