Continuing to lob softballs — or in this case, eyeballs — at Sarah Palin, Barbara Walters, last night on Nightline and this morning on Good Morning America, asked questions such as whether President Obama should have women playing in the White House basketball games the President occasionally has.

Yes she certainly thinks he should, said Palin, for whom “basketball was my life” during high school.

Of the so-called “teabagger” movement that objects, according to Walters, to “the government bail-out,” Palin had nothing but praise: “That tea party movement is beautiful; the tea-baggers, they’re speaking out, using their freedom of speech.”

By this second day of promoting her Going Rogue book, Walters already seemed to be scraping the bottom of the conversational barrel. By which I mean, do we care that Palin considered herself a “tough hunting buddy” with her father?

Her dad, both a science teacher as well as a hunter, used to “shoot and carve up” the moose they shot. Palin said her father asked her “to hold the warm eyeballs” of one dead moose, but she declined.

Are we getting tired of The Daily Palin pervading the TV schedule these days?