Beyond discovering that you can lick a nipple—but can’t cup a buttock—in Arkansas, you won’t learn much from NPR’s Brüno-centric interview with Sacha Baron Cohen. But it’s worth checking out anyway, since it’s one of those incredibly rare interviews in which the actor speaks as himself, and not one of his famed outlandish characters (Borat, etc.).

With director Larry Charles in tow, Cohen talks with Fresh Air about some of the film’s most notable scenes—the hunting trip, cage match, etc.—and the dangers he faced while going undercover in the deep South. The most interesting tidbit from the interview: Cohen taped versions of the film’s Ron Paul scene with Tom Ridge, John Bolton, and Gary Bauer. (He says he ultimately went with Paul’s take because of its comedic prowess.)

Do you enjoy Cohen more as his characters, or as himself? Did you, like me, wince just a bit when Charles claimed they were “doing God’s work” while filming? And are you rushing to buy the DVD, which was released yesterday?

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