Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Biggest Loser fans: did you stick around for Leno last night? Recent evictee Rebecca Meyer strolled onto stage for her farewell interview with Leno, and wow, what a transformation! It’s not just that she looks healthier (dig those toned arms!), the lady looks hot. Like, movie-star hot. Like, European movie-star hot. (Check her out in the embedded videos, after the jump.) Back in the season premiere, Rebecca said that she didn’t just want to be a pretty face. Mission Completely Accomplished.

She reminisced with Leno about being bullied in middle school and tipping the scales at 304. (Leno, ever the consummate gentleman, asked her how much she weighs now.) She also dropped a gossip bombshell: She’s dating Daniel Wright, a fellow Loser contestant. (Commenters on our recap had called the relationship weeks ago; Rebecca’s emotional crying fit at Daniel’s elimination erased any doubts.)

What do you think, fans: Hottest Loser ever?

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