Norah Jones’ new CD, The Fall, (out yesterday) finds the chanteuse heading off in a rockier direction with a collection partly inspired by her break-up with boyfriend and musical collaborator Lee Alexander.

All of which has little to do with the burning question EW wants Ms. Jones to answer: Who is that gorgeous monster-hound with her on the cover? “His name is Ben,” she tells EW. “He’s just somebody’s pet in Brooklyn. The photographer had this idea to have 15 dogs swarming around, but this one was so beautiful we took some solo shots. I didn’t bring my own dog. He’s a poodle, but he’s 20 pounds and looks like Fozzie Bear and he would have incited chaos.”

Jones also revealed what music is currently making her go “Woof!” “I just loved that Santigold record, and MGMT. I love Elvis Perkins, I’ve been listening to that a lot. But I’m, like, obsessed with Neil Young. I’m listening to Zuma and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere a lot. He seems like someone that just does whatever the hell he wants. And God love him for that!”

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