By Michael Ausiello
November 18, 2009 at 04:43 PM EST

What’s the suburban equivalent of a lipstick jungle? Food-court forest? Mommy morass? Apron woods? Well, whatever you call it, Brooke Shields is making her way there in early 2010 via a guest appearance on ABC’s The Middle.

Shields is playing a neighbor-nemesis of Patricia Heaton’s harried middle-class mom in an episode slated to air in January. “She’s a single mother with four sons that terrorize the neighborhood,” says an anonymous Middle man. “Everyone wants to stay on her good side. Patricia’s character tries to keep the peace.”

BTW, after being pre-empted last week, The Middle returns with an original episode tonight. Thought you should know.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shields: Nicole Rivelli; Heaton: Michael Ansell/ABC