Credit: Depp: Solarpix/PR Photos

It’s nearing that most wonderful time of the year when we get all crazy listing the best films, albums, viral videos, etc. of the past 12 months. We’ll start doing that soon enough; in the meantime, I’m wondering who (or what) you’d name as the best entertainer of the DECADE? Don’t all rush to name not-naked-enough Levi Johnston at once! Think bigger. Is it Harry Potter, without whom there would be no magic? YouTube, without which we would maybe not have a blog? Watching Harry Potter trailers over and over on YouTube? Idol? Any answer is valid, as long as it’s not You or “your mom.”

For now, considering we’ve been in a long-term relationship since 2003, I’m gonna have to name my DVR/life partner as my Entertainer of the Decade. Tina Fey’s a close second, which seems especially fitting because my last sentence was Lemon-level pathetic. What about you?

Photo credit: Depp: Solarpix/PR Photos; Master Castro