Oh, Gagoncé: Until the day that the pop universe inevitably black-holes in one final blast of glitter, comet dust and tranny couture, these two can’t stop-won’t stop. Watch the new clip for their collaboration “Video Phone,” below:

It’s not so much a battle of the supernovas as a sort of Jupiter-and-an-orbiting-moon-in-a-white-bustier situation we’re having here; this is B’s show—La Gaga’s just guesting in it. (Though we’d love to see Gaga get a sammy for a co-star while she’s at it; homegirl is looking worryingly gaunt these days.)

I cannot tell a lie: Beyonce’s 8573 costume changes are delicious. Love the Bettie Page vibes; not mad at the Bond Girl monokini. Leather thigh-high garter boots? Casual Friday, I salute you!

But these two don’t look like friends, or even like they’re really having fun together. Too much ego? Too little time? Bad catering? Not sure, but it’s not quite the I Dream of Divas bonanza I was hoping for… However: I defer to you, readers—do your dream-cups runneth over?