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You are mere hours/minutes away from watching a new episode of Glee, this one titled “Ballad.” To get you good and ready, we present the following teasers (and issue a SPOILER ALERT, for those who need to turn away now):

B, as in boom box, which Finn uses to express himself at a traumatic dinner at Quinn’s parents.

A, as in “A male duck,” which apparently is Brittany’s definition of a ballad.

L, as in “Lean On Me,” which is one of the songs performed tonight (along with “Endless Love,” “(You’re) Having My Baby,” “I’ll Stand By You,” and a “Don’t Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl” mashup).

L, as in look who just showed up at McKinley High—Everwood alum Sarah Drew! And, hint, she’s HOT in this role.

A, as in alas, there’s no Sue Sylvester tonight. But she’ll be back next week, undoubtedly armed with a fresh supply of zingers.

D, as in did you know that a rule change now requires Glee Club to perform a ballad at Sectionals? Better pair off and start practicing.

(For those who prefer a few preview clips, click here.)

Who’s watching tonight? Which two Glee Club members would you like to see duet on a ballad? And which ballad should they perform?

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