As we all learned at some point in our lives: “Secrets, secrets are no fun; secrets are for everyone” and last night’s episode of 90210 took that mantra and rolled with it, unveiling some, but not all of everyone’s secrets to those closest to them. The secrets might not have been fun for them, but it certainly made for juicy drama for us. I’ll take you through the tangled web that West Bev weaves since your regular recapper, Jennifer, had the night off.

The meat of the episode focused on the creepy trainwreck-to-be relationship that is Annie and Jasper. The couple, who now sleep at each other’s homes—on a weeknight!—are pretty much head over heels in love with each other, which, as anyone who has graduated from high school will tell you, isn’t love but infatuation. And with it came one of the bigger proclamations of so-called “love”—meeting the parents. Except Jasper’s meet-and-greet with the Wilsons was doomed from the get-go because Dixon had blurted out that Annie’s new boyfriend was a drug dealer. Mom and Pops Wilson were clearly perturbed, making for pretty awkward appetizer conversation that even Deb’s famous dip couldn’t save.

But Jasper has perfected his I’m-not-a-drug-dealer speech so well that he temporarily put their worries to rest just in time for the mahi mahi. I say temporarily because post-dinner, Annie’s parents told her to stop seeing Jasper. This obviously led to a typical teenage-angst outcry (“You don’t even know who I am anymore!”), which I must say, Shenae Grimes does very well. The Wilsons were right though. Annie is a completely different person around Jasper and I’m just counting down the episodes until he finally reveals his secret to Annie, probably when he almost kills her.

Besides the Annie-Jasper story, we were treated to a Naomi-heavy episode as well. Yay! I am loving AnnaLynne McCord this season. After Richard and his mother (a.k.a. the dean of CU) walked in on Jamie and Naomi mid-makeout, an anxiety-ridden Naomi had to divulge her ulterior motive for dating Richard. Jamie, disgusted by Naomi’s dishonesty, dumped her. Dumped by a college and a college boyfriend on the same day? That’s got to be the worst day in a high schooler’s life. Still, when Jamie came crawling back, admitting that he’s falling for her (what guy says “falling” by the way?), Naomi made sure not to keep anymore secrets between the two of them, so she told Jamie that she still had feelings for Liam. OK, the whole nursing Liam back to health thing was kind of cheesy, but if it means we can get Jen out of this weird sibling sex triangle, fine by me.

But Naomi was on the other side of things when Adrianna lied that she wasn’t using anymore. I kind of wanted to smack Aid in the face for lying through her teeth, but the revenge came when Naomi found her pills. It’s kind of sad that Naomi would dismiss her drug-addled friend, saying she’s “over it,” but in high school, where betrayal can be a four-letter word, I’m none too surprised that Naomi just didn’t want to deal with Aid’s problems anymore.

Now I can count on only Navid to pull Aid out of this drug mess, but Navid will be out of commission for a bit thanks to Jasper, who pushed Navid down the stairs for starting the “rumor” that he’s a drug dealer and thus ruining his relationship with Annie. I actually thought Jasper might pull a knife on Navid, seeing as how he has proven to be so nimble with them in the past. The stairs aren’t any better, but it’s just the beginning of Jasper wreaking havoc on Navid’s life. Jasper, he’s just trying to save Aid! Leave him alone! Speaking of Aid, if she was actually hepped up on drugs, she deserves a medal for avoiding the bleary-eyed look with that Sephora ad-style eye makeup. Kudos also for doing homework in bed while taking drugs. I’m not sure how that works, but Aid must be a pro.

In the much less exciting storyline, we sifted through the secrets that have been harboring Jen, including everything but her dangerous liason with Liam. For a second, while the acoustic update of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” was playing, I thought she was going to reveal the tryst, but then I realized that Jen would never do that. She also would never have a change of heart that involved pitching a tent and building a fire (with The New York Times Sunday Styles section no less!). I truly don’t understand what Ryan sees in her.

And after Jackie’s cardiac arrest last week, she survived long enough for Kelly to realize that she did, in fact, need to reach out to her mom. This is when I realized when the non-teen actors can be useful on this show. The adults know how to portray emotion with way more range than the youngins’ ever could. Kelly’s forgiveness wasn’t so much a secret as it was a supressed desire, but when she finally did forgive Jackie, it was a really touching moment. To cap off a heartwarming episode, both Kelly and Silver lay at their mother’s side when she passed. I’m sad to see Jackie go, but Silver’s loss probably means she and Teddy will get only closer, which means Aid will use more, which means a hobbling Navid will continue his attempt to unveil the truth about Jasper, which means…oh, let’s just wait until next week, shall we?

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you think the Jen-Liam drama will finally get resolved next week? And just how disturbed by Jasper are you?

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