Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Although the Academy hosts official screenings of all the big award hopefuls for Oscar voters, the fact remains that many Academy members prefer to watch the contenders in their living rooms on DVD. But this year, for the first time, we have a 3D film—James Cameron’s Avatar—with a decent shot at a Best Picture nomination. Obviously, Twentieth Century Fox will do all they can to ensure that as many voters as possible see the film in a theater with those funny glasses on. And they have not announced if and when they’ll be sending out For Your Consideration DVDs that will, of course, only feature two of the film’s three dimensions.

The question is: Will it matter? When I watched a 30-minute preview of the film a few months ago, Cameron’s gorgeous 3D visuals were certainly the most impressive aspect of the production. But the studio can’t force all 6,000-plus Academy members to show up at a theater to watch it. So for many voters, their choice seems to be either to have them watch Avatar on a regular television, or not at all. Of the two options, they may be smart to choose the former.

Image credit: Fox