So tonight is the third episode of V, and the ratings for last week’s episode dropped quite a bit from the series premiere.

I like the show, and I’d like to see it exist beyond its initial run of four episodes. So in the spirit of constructive criticism, I offer this advice to the producers:

Drop the subplot with Tyler and Lisa. No offense to Logan Huffman, who plays the son of Elizabeth Mitchell’s Erica, or Laura Vandervoort, who plays the lissome Visitor to whom Tyler is attracted.

This is one dead-end storyline. We know that Lisa is there to entice Tyler to join the Visitors, initially without the knowledge of his anti-Visitor mom. But every time there’s a Tyler-Lisa scene, all action on V grinds to a halt. Instead of seeing what Erica or Morris Chestnut’s Ryan or Scott Wolf’s Chad are up to, we have to sit around while Tyler gazes at Lisa with a moo-cow gaze, knowing no good (or much in the way of a romantic future) can come of this.

To keep viewers, V has to zip right along these next couple of weeks. And if it returns, I hope the Tyler-Lisa storyline cools, and the writers find something else for these characters to do.

Agree? Disagree?