Last night's Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon brought out the film's stars and the devoted fans, the latter holding signs that ranged from the comically desperate ("Team Whatever I Can Get"), to the sexual and age-inappropriate ("Jacob Black: I'd hit that with a Volvo"), to the self-aware ("Don't judge me," "Don't stalk the Pattinson"). While Taylor Lautner skipped the print press line, Stewart and Pattinson, the latter of whom had no idea that Twihards had camped out in Westwood for four days to catch a glimpse of him, did their duty. "You can't prepare for this," Pattinson told us, unshaven in Gucci. "It is just insane. I don't know how the Beatles felt but I imagine it was perhaps close to this. I think very few human beings will ever get to experience the same feelings and love we feel at Twilight events." Stewart, who kept a safe distance from Pattinson on the red carpet in her Oscar de la Renta, said this is the night she works for: "The only reason you make movies is for people to see them and hopefully love them. I feel like doing interviews tonight at this is just boring. I would rather spend the time hanging out with the fans because I have done a hundred million interviews and they all know what I have to say." (The film's stars did spend time with the fans signing autographs. Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett, went and collected his superfan, who apparently follows him everywhere and wears a shirt that says "Nutz for Lutz," gave her a ticket, and walked her in past all the cameras. It was actually quite sweet.) Other highlights:

* Michael Sheen (Aro): "This is amazing and fantastic to see this sort of passion in young people. My own daughter loves the books and this is something we can share and talk about and connect on. People get so worked up. This feels like being part of a phenomenon. It feels like more than just doing a film. Although a lot of middle-aged women got pretty worked up about Frost/Nixon. You should have seen the signs they made for Frank Langella. We got sent a few pairs of underwear."

* Peter Facinelli (Carlisle): "I think I can enjoy the chaos more this time because I expected it….Last time I stepped out of the limo on premiere night and was like, 'Whoa.' I was blown away by the screams. It was so intense. Now that I knew what to expect, I can just roll with it. This just does not happen very often. These kids are so supportive of the film. They even want my autograph and I am old enough to be their dad….I don't envy what the main three have to go through everyday. That's why Kellan and I held hands off the plane. If they want a circus, we'll give them a circus. We were just having some fun. And by the way, we already broke up."

* Alex Meraz (Paul): "I think guys won't mind if their girlfriend drags them to a Twilight film this time because there is a very masculine side to this film. It brings a whole different level of excitement. The wolves are much more animalistic and raw and unrefined compared to the vampires in their fancy house with their nice cars. Vampires are older and more suave and mature. The shapeshifters are not. We are young, aggressive and have tons of testosterone and nudity. It will make for a more balanced date night movie selection. And even if guys don't want to see it, if they want to see their girlfriends, they better go because that's where their girls will be. And I feel like we are buttering up their girls with our abs so they could get lucky."

* Nikki Reed (Rosalie): "I feel an insane amount of pressure personally because I was not the first choice for Rosalie. The fans envisioned someone else for this, so I feel like I am still working that much harder to win their approval. I want them to be happy with me. It is a genuine need of mine."Reed, who moved to Europe for the three months between filming of New Moon and Eclipse becauseshe "couldn't really handle how crazy it was," is hoping that Breaking Dawn isn't divided up into two movies. "I suppose I would like to keep [the series] to four movies, unless they really feel like they can't condense the last book into one movie properly. But I think we can do it as one, it isn't that much longer of a book. But I don't know anything about what they have planned. We don't even have a director, that I know of, or a start date. I think they are probably going to wait and see how this one does. Because the movies cost more to make as we move along and do more special effects."

* Kellan Lutz (Emmett): "We want to make a fourth film, and to get to that goal, Two and Three have to make some money, and the way to do that is to get butts in seats. And so we have to keep the fans happy. Two and Three are edgier and darker. There is more action….It isn't all about Rob getting all kissy-faced. They are sexier. Three is gonna show how badass us vampires can be. [Eclipse director] David Slade has such an eye for that dark action."

* Anna Kendrick (Jessica): "[Fans] want so badly to see the books come to life that you get the feeling that they would show up for anything, but I think this film dives deeper than the last one into the legends and the romance and the love triangle, and there is more action, and now we have werewolves, too. So I feel like they are going to be happier with this film. At least I hope so, because the one thing that would really get us in trouble and put the fourth film in jeopardy would be not making the fans happy. If they walk and don't support New Moon, I don't think there will be a fourth film."

But no pressure, Twihards.

— Reporting by Carrie Bell

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Photo credit: Lautner and Stewart: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Pattinson: Tina Gill/PR Photos

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