Sarah Palin says that when it comes to Sarah Palin, “there’s so much bullcrap out there.” Then she and Barbara Walters contributed to the pile. I’m not surprised Palin had Walters interview her for Good Morning America; who else would have asked this question?:

“How do you feel when people criticize Mommy?”

Willow, 15 and Piper, eight years old, had been ushered onto a sofa next to “Mommy” for part of the interview. They squirmed a bit, as who would not?

“It’s kind of sad,” said Willow.

“Painful?” prodded Walters. Objection: leading the witness, your honor!

“Yeah,” sighed Willow, giving up.

Palin repeated a lot of the things she said on Oprah yesterday while promoting her book Going Rogue, out today. That running for President “isn’t on my radar”; more whining about Katie Couric’s “badgering” interview.

Asked by Walters to grade, on a scale from one to 10, President Obama’s performance in office so far, Palin assigned him “a four.”

Palin said she’d been offered “reality shows,” but turned them down. When asked by Walters whether she wants a talk show, Palin said, “I’d probably rather write than talk.” Oprah had asked her the same thing; are Winfrey and Walters really worried about the competition?

Walters showed Palin a David Letterman clip making fun of the former governor, and asked whether Palin would go on Dave’s show. “I don’t want to boost his ratings,” she said. (Note: This is not the clip Walters played Palin, but, from last night’s Late Show, it’s just as amusing.)

What do you think of Palin’s media blitz so far?