Thousands — yes, thousands — of screaming, sign-wielding, homemade-T-shirt-wearing fans turned out just to catch a glimpse of the Twilight Saga: New Moon stars at the film's LA premiere last night. They even lined up starting last Thursday to get one of the 800 tickets available that would allow them to watch the red carpet arrivals, Oscar-style. It's amazing how tales of fans' inordinate devotion to all things Twilight never lose their shock factor, though the girls who drove from New Jersey wearing vampire teeth give even the Twi-Mom who wanted Taylor Lautner to sign her panties a run for her money. (She wins, though, on grounds near law-breaking.) EW's Paige Parker was on-the-scene yesterday to grab some video of Twi-hards attempting to put into words why R-Pattz and Co. has them OMG'ing themselves into a blood-lusting frenzy.

So, did any of you Twi-hards go to the premiere last night? What did you think? Anyone lucky enough to see the actual movie a few days early and care to share?

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