God bless the Queen—and the fantastical alt-pop princesses her U.K. dominion has yielded in 2009. To the list of spiritual-starchild Kate Bush descendants that includes Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding, and Bat for Lashes, add Marina and the Diamonds, a.k.a. 24-year-old Welsh space oddity Marina Diamandis.

Though her first major-label single, a re-recording of “Mowgli’s Road” from February’s Obsessions EP, falls to earth today in Europe, a full-length isn’t due until next year, and her physical-release presence in the U.S. is so far limited to a small run on the Neon Gold imprint; Warner Bros. will reportedly be taking over her business Stateside.

Having finally recovered from the summer-long repeat-repeat-repeat compulsion that was her magi-gorgical “I Am Not a Robot” video (lie! still playing it), I’ve recently (sort of) moved on to the “Mowgli” clip, below:

What do you think, Music Mixers? Still waiting for the guaranteed-bananas “Seventeen” video to drop, but to me she’s like Rocky Horror and Regina Spektor had a baby, and then hired Fiona Apple to give it afternoon piano lessons, plus absinthe juice box. Et voila! J’adore.

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