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New Moon undergarments were a popular subject last night. Taylor Lautner told Jay Leno about the time that a fortysomething Twilight Mom asked him if she could take off the Team Taylor panties she was wearing for him to sign them, and Kristen Stewart answered the following when asked by Conan O’Brien to name a piece of Twilight merchandise that she finds strange: “I think it’s weird that we have underwear with Taylor’s face on it.” Not missing a beat, O’Brien replied, “There’s underwear with Taylor’s face on it? Where is this available?”

Conan didn’t ask Stewart if she was dating costar Robert Pattinson. Instead, he kept to safe subjects, like the film’s rampant shirtlessness (“There’s one or two moments where they take shirts off for no reason,” he said. “Like, phone rings, ‘I’ll get it.’ [Pretends to take shirt off]”), her Bella doll (“I think that she doesn’t really look a whole lot like me,” Stewart said. “She’s very well-endowed”) and those “passionate” fans. Stewart doesn’t know how to handle the crying ones, and feels bad that she can’t have a real conversation with people and wishes she could, like, give them her shoes. She once had to be carried out of a bookstore in Italy by her security because people were going to pull her arms off. Not that they’d want to. “I mean, some people probably would,” she joked. “eBay!” O’Brien said.

Stewart’s awkwardness was endearing. (It’s like that once you’ve seen it a few times.) Conan appeared to have genuinely surprised her when he faked pulling up his shirt to mimic a fan showing her a tattoo of her face on his chest. He noted how uncomfortable she looked rocking in her seat while watching a clip from the film, which, he said, clearly scared her. “I was terrified. That’s what the problem was,” she said. “I thought the wolf may have come to get me or something.” If doing TV is nerve-wracking for her, this appearance was worth it for one reason: She asked for and was granted permission to touch Conan’s hair.

What did you think of Stewart’s stop on The Tonight Show? Can her proud father, a stage manager who only shows off interviews in which she uses complete sentences, boast about this one? (I say yes.) And what about that bit that Conan did with his brooding vampire personal assistant? Cody Devereaux (RIP) was overshadowed by the “hunky mummy” that decided to stand next to “passionate wolf boy” and keep Conan’s cellphone in his bandage briefs. Speaking of well-endowed…

On the scene at the New Moon premiere with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and inappropriate fan signs

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

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